Cattle Forcing Yards and Races

The circular cattle forcing yard and cattle race are the most integral part of all cattle yards.

At Stockpro, we understand that the forcing yard and race are the most frequently used, part of a cattle yard and therefore build our circular forcing yard and race tough. The curved layout takes advantage of the natural behaviour of how cattle run and tend to circle back to where they came from and therefore promotes excellent, efficient stock flow. With the system’s safety gates, you can work your cattle without direct contact, giving operators optimal safety.

Circular Forcing Yard

  • Safest cattle forcing yard on the market
  • Semi-permanent or permanent
  • Fully sheeted curved yard
  • Innovative braking system prevents the cattle from pushing the gate back and protects the operator
  • Available with walkway around the outside
  • Available in different sizes

Cattle Race

  • Easy flow race
  • Semi-permanent or permanent
  • Available curved or straight
  • Available with V side or straight side
  • Prevents cattle from turning around
  • One side fully sheeted
  • One side part sheeted, part rails for easy access
  • Available with walkway and safety rail