Custom Permanent Sheep Yard Design Service

We can Custom Design your Sheep yards!

At Stockpro we work with our clients to design & plan to specifically suit your requirements. Stockpro’s sheep yards can be either permanent sheep yards or semi-permanent sheep yards.

Always putting Stock flow safety at the forefront, we incorporate the following in our design service.

In most areas we can arrange an onsite visit; allowing us to get a full understanding of requirements by surveying, measuring up, and incorporating existing fence lines, tress, woolsheds etc.

Use of software such as CAD drawing. Allows us to accurately design a new facility and provide accurate project costs. So, our clients know exactly what they are getting before they order.

Use of drone imagery, used in conjunction with CAD software to provide detailed information on how the new facility will be incorporated into the existing site.

Consultation with our clients throughout the design process. Taking your ideas and feedback to help tailor the design to suit exactly your needs.

We consider:

  • Slope aspect
  • Drainage
  • Truck access
  • Shelter
  • Existing infrastructure i.e wool shed, dips, holding yards etc
  • Mob sizes and capacity
  • & most importantly your budget requirements

Features we can incorporate:

  • Yard shelters
  • Loading facilities
  • handlers/scanners/ auto drafters
  • Concrete working areas
  • Double gates
  • Personal Access gates
  • Pneumatic gates
  • Tumble gates
  • Drenching races
  • Delivery & erection

Yard Shelters

Concrete working areas

Personal Access gates

Pneumatic gates

Tumble gates

Delivery & erection

Stockpro, in our commitment to improving livestock handling equipment in Australia, offers a range of features to enhance operations in sheep yards. All our sheep yard designs allow you to draft sheep quickly and effortlessly. Manufactured with high tensile Australian steel, they offer strength, durability and long service life, even in the most demanding work environments.

Below is a selection of options available in our designs:

Shade shelters allow you to work the sheep under cover, protecting you and the sheep and allowing you to work in all weather
• Durable loading facilities that provide the livestock with adequate space, flooring and incline, allowing them to easily move from yard to trailer.
Pneumatic gates that improve labour efficiency by minimising staff requirements when they’re processing sheep.
Concrete working areas. Ensure secure footing for staff and sheep, free from dust and mud.
Double gates that allow smooth sheep flow and movement around the yards.
• Smooth top drenching races with many gate options; guillotine, tumble, swing.
Delivery and erection services if required.

If you want a sheep yard custom designed to your requirements, call us today on +1800-354-415. You can also send an email to

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