Custom Sheep Yard Design Service

We can Custom Design your Sheep yards! 

At Stockpro we work with our clients to design & plan to specifically suit your requirements.

Always putting Stock flow safety at the forefront, we incorporate the following in our design service.

  • In most areas we can arrange an onsite visit; allowing us to get a full understanding of requirements by surveying, measuring up, and incorporating existing fence lines, tress, woolsheds etc.
  • Use of software such as CAD drawing. Allows us to accurately design a new facility and provide accurate project costs. So, our clients know exactly what they are getting before they order.
  • Use of drone imagery, used in conjunction with CAD software to provide detailed information on how the new facility will be incorporated into the existing site.
  • Consultation with our clients throughout the design process. Taking your ideas and feedback to help tailor the design to suit exactly your needs.

We consider:

  • Slope aspect
  • Drainage
  • Truck access
  • Shelter
  • Existing infrastructure i.e wool shed, dips, holding yards etc
  • Mob sizes and capacity
  • &most importantly your budget requirements

Features we can incorporate:

  • Yard shelters
  • Loading facilities
  • handlers/scanners/ auto drafters
  • Concrete working areas
  • Double gates
  • Personal Access gates
  • Pneumatic gates
  • Tumble gates
  • Drenching races
  • Delivery & erection

Yard Shelters

Concrete working areas

Personal Access gates

Pneumatic gates

Tumble gates

Delivery & erection