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About Us

Stockpro - Delivering Quality Stockyard Handling Systems

Stockpro is an Australian owned and operated family business, specialising in world class livestock handling systems. Our Expertise is based on 30 years of first-hand experience in the livestock industry. After starting out building stockyards on our family farm in 1995, we identified a need in the market for good quality, fit-for-purpose livestock handling equipment. We subsequently moved off our farm in NSW in 2001 and focused on building the Stockpro business.

We are proud to have developed into a company that is well known for top quality, robust & efficient stockyard systems. Due to our first-hand knowledge of the livestock industry, we understand what farmers need and what works best. We are considered one of the nation’s leading livestock equipment manufacturers.

This has allowed us to bring international stock handling best practices, methods and technologies to the Australian stockyard industry. Our ‘insider’ knowledge has allowed us to develop and manufacture superior, market-leading products time and again.


Stockpro employs only skilled professionals with experience in the livestock industry to develop build and install our stockyard systems. Our cohesive team comprises engineers, stockmen, consultants, project managers, tradesman and design draftsman- all of whom are fully committed to our vision;

To meet the needs of the livestock handler with the highest quality stockyard equipment and service to increase efficiency and safety and reduce toil in livestock handling.

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Cattle Handling

Goat Handling

Hay & Grain Feeders

Horse Handling


Client Testimonials

Supplying livestock handling equipment Australia wide for two decades.

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