Shearing Equipment

Quality shearing equipment from modular shed fitouts to trailers

Stockpro’s shearing equipment has been perfected over years of development, fine-tuning and working with wool growers. We offer customisable designs, including front and rear fill shearing stands, race delivery shearing modules and shearing trailers.

Shearing Stand Modules

With our shearing stand modules, you don’t need a purpose-built shearing shed. Each is fully assembled and operational; simply bolt on more stands or holding pens as needed.

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Race Delivery Shearing Modules

Combining hands-on shearing experience with research from AWI, we’ve designed modules to streamline the shearing process and lessen the physical burden of the catch and drag.

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Purpose-built mobile crutching and shearing trailers are fully-functional portable shearing sheds with everything you need to get the job done in any convenient location.

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