Standard Sheep Yard Designs

Customise a wide range of standard sheep yard designs

All Stockpro’s proven sheep yard designs feature the proven bugle system and sheeted panels, which promote fast processing and efficient stock flow into drafting/drenching races and loading ramps.

Choose from many customisable options

The range includes diamond yards, double drenching races, personnel access gates, tumble and guillotine gates, lead-ins to shearing sheds and loading ramps, counting out pens, sheep handler workstations and more. Talk to our expert team about what you need.

Budget Bugle and Draft

Standard Bugle and Draft

Premium Bugle and Draft

Budget Sheep Yard

Hobby Sheep Yard

350 Head Sheep Yard

400 Head Sheep Yard

510 Head Sheep Yard

800 Head Sheep Yard

1200 Head Sheep Yard

1500 Head Sheep Yard

1800 Head Sheep Yard

2400 Head Sheep Yard

Feed-lotter Sheep Yard

Permanent Sheep Yard Sheep Handler Provision

Permanent Sheep Yard Auto Drafter Provision

“Very impressed with the service and professionalism of the Stockpro team. If I had built this myself it would have taken months and cost me twice as much. The yards look great, and the sheep run extremely well.”

Glen, Warren, NSW