Sheep Handling

Sheep handling equipment to help you do more with less

Many growers face challenges due to skills shortages and strict health and safety compliance. Stockpro aims to ease the burden with innovative labour-saving sheep handling solutions from portable sheep yards to Australian-made loading ramps.

Permanent Sheep

Using drone imagery, surveying equipment and CAD software, we work with you to plan, design, quote and install a permanent sheep yard system to match your site and needs.

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Standard Sheep
Yard Designs

Our sheep yard designs feature the proven bugle system and sheeted panels, which promote efficient stock flow into drafting/drenching races and loading ramps.

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Semi-Permanent Sheep Yards

Excellent value for money and flexibility to move while retaining a sturdy construction. The panels and gates bolt together, allowing for easy installation and relocation.

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“Fantastic product! We loaded two four-deckers the other day in 41 minutes, including backing the second truck in.”

John, Farmer, Cooma NSW