Race Delivery Shearing Module

Premium Australian-made race delivery shearing module

Combining our hands-on shearing experience with leading industry research such as that by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), we’ve designed a race delivery shearing module to streamline the shearing process and lessen the physical burden of the catch and drag.

Why choose Stockpro’s
race delivery shearing module

Stockpro’s race delivery shearing modules eliminate the catch and drag out of a catching pen, where most accidents occur in a shearing shed. They are safer and reduce the strain on shearers with a more ergonomic and efficient design. This can help retain labour in an industry facing chronic labour shortages and increasing work health and safety (WHS) compliance.

The latest AWI angled chute design

Reduces the catch and drag
Reduces fatigue and injury to the shearer
Increases productivity
Cypress tongue and groove board
Sheeted V-race
Decoy pen
Walkway and safety hand-railing
Large shearers shelf

4 Stand
Straight Board

Single Stand
race delivery

“Amazing first day of shearing in the new shed, 580 merino ewes shorn to perfection, 17 bales pressed, and everyone happy!”

Adam, Farmer, Cowra NSW

in the news

One of Australia’s largest woolgrowers, Ian Shippen of Banyandah Pastoral Co in the Riverina of NSW, was thankful to use seven AWI modular sheep delivery units late last year when flooding stranded many thousands of his sheep.
Modular sheep race delivery systems designed to make shearing less backbreaking work are catching on as growers and shearers embrace the v-innovation.
Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is working with six engineering companies, including Stockpro in Condobolin, to make an AWI-led modular race delivery system design commercially available to growers around Australia.