Semi-Permanent Sheep Yards

Semi-permanent sheep yards for strength and flexibility

Ideal for long or short-term use, Stockpro’s semi-permanent sheep yards offer excellent value for money and flexibility to move while retaining a sturdy construction. The panels and gates bolt together, allowing for easy installation and relocation.

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Why choose Stockpro
semi-permanent sheep yards:

Choose from our standard yard designs or a custom design

Proven yard designs with correctly shaped bugle, sheeted panelling in the right places, and gates hinged specifically for ease of operation

Panelling constructed from premium 60x30mm oval rail with 50mm SHS posts

The large posts allow you to hammer star posts down inside the posts to strengthen the yards at pressure points

The panels also incorporate a foot plate, which allows you to fasten the panels to a concrete slab if required

Rigid  bolt-together system

Premium oval panelling is lamb-proof, robust and looks great!

All gates are supplied in heavy-duty frames with heavy-duty gate hinges

Yards can be relocated or expanded easily

Available options

“Very pleased with the yards, should have done it 50 years ago”

Allan, West Wyalong NSW