Shearing Stand Modules

Prefabricated Australian-made shearing stand modules

Affordable, flexible and ready-made, with Stockpro’s shearing stand modules, you no longer need a purpose-built shearing shed. Each stand comes assembled and welded; if you need more stands or holding pens, you can simply bolt them on.   

Shearing module options

Chute recess ​

Angled chutes ​

Plastic grating in holding pens ​

Sloping catching pens ​

Front fill pen systems ​

Return race systems ​

Standard shearing Module Inclusions

Why choose Stockpro
shearing modules:

Simply lift the prefabricated module into position, and you’re ready to shear, which means minimal installation costs and a rapid return on investment.

With the use of CAD software, we can provide accurate plans before manufacture
Provides a modern, safe raised board shearing fit-out
Allows wool growers to utilise sheds that might not have previously been used to full potential
Heavy galvanised frame
Quick and easy installation without the need for onsite tradesmen
The only fully prefabbed solution on the market
Fully customise the design to suit your operation
Wide chutes for easy release of shorn sheep

Australian Made

Thinking of building a new shed?

While Stockpro doesn’t build sheds, we have trusted working relationships with many shed builders. We can work with them and you to help develop the right design. Some of the aspects we consider include:

“We are very pleased with the StockPro modules. They are excellent quality. The shearers were very happy with the catching pen size/layout and the ease with which sheep went down the chutes, and Sarah was very happy with the raised board, which made sorting the crutchings a breeze”

Dan, superfine merino wool grower, Armidale NSW