Shearing Stand Modules

Stockpro is the Australian sheep industry’s leading source of robust and innovative shearing stand modules.

They are a result of years of development and fine-tuning and working with the industry. There is now no need to build a purpose-built shearing shed, due to the price, workability, practicability of the shearing modules. They are a readymade shearing shed fit out.

Our shearing modules are a solid welded construction, a module per shearing stand. As you need more stands or holding pens they are bolted on. They are built on skids so they can be towed or pushed into position in an existing shed, and can be easily taken out if required.

Stockpro’s shearing stand modules offer real value for money by being delivered to site fully constructed, ready to go with minimal install costs.

Shearing Stand Modules are supplied completely assembled the only part you would need to attach is the shearing plant itself.

Our shearing modules bring many advantages including:

”Gday Rick, amazing first day of shearing in new 4 stand shed, 580 merino ewes shorn to perfection, 17 bales pressed, and everyone happy! For the seamless day. Thanks Rick and Stockpro love your work’‘ Adam

Standard Modules Include: