Portable Goat Yard Designs

We can Custom Design your Sheep yards!

  • Set Your Yards Up Wherever The Goats Are!
  • No Wheels To Remove - Draw Bar Just Folds Up
  • Set Up Your Yards In Less Than 30 Minutes!
  • Designed specifically for the goat industry!
  • We can custom build to suit your requirements

Our goat yards have been designed specifically for the goat industry

"Excellent yards, we’ve caught thousands of feral goats"
Station Manager


  • Heavy Duty Module With 3 Way Draft
  • Adjustable bottom and top race width (also available with straight sides)
  • Streamlined easy flow race
  • 14” Sunraysia Mags
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Front & Rear Gates, Spreader Bars, Ratchet Strap and Two Sheeted Panels.
  • 24 Panel Portable Yard
  • 12 Panel Portable Yard
  • Panels 1200 High X 3100 Long 8 Rails with Quick Hitch Coupling System. (1500 High Panels Are Also Available)


  • Trailer Indicator Lights & Oversize Sign
  • Extra Panels
  • Land Cruiser Wheels
  • Straight/Adjustable/V Side Race
  • Four Way Posts
  • Race Bow & Gate
  • 2m Gate In 3.1m Panel
  • Knock Down Loading Ramp