Shearing/Crutching Trailers

Stockpro’s shearing/crutching trailers are a virtual mobile shearing shed, with all the latest technology and equipment to make the job easier.

You can shear/crutch in a location that is convenient to you, an ideal implement for contractors.

Constructed on a purpose built trailer the unit includes everything required to get the job done. We custom build to suit individual requirements, from one stand to six stand.

  • H/D trailer with dual axle for greater stability and smoother ride (can be registered)
  • Very quick setup time
  • No dragging sheep
  • Fold down corrugated iron roof for sun protection
  • Totally lockable trailer
  • Noise suppression technologies
  • Wooden shearing board
  • Anti-backing bars
  • V side race
  • Removable safety bars