Wool/Shearing Shed Fitouts

Have you got a new shed that needs fitting out to turn it into a state-of-the-art shearing shed? Have you got an old shed that’s ok but your pens are falling down and the gates won’t swing, do you have to spend a week fixing your yard system before shearing? We have the answers and can fix your shed once and for all. We specialise in rebuilding old sheds or fitting out new ones.

Why not take advantage of our Industry knowledge and all the latest innovation in sheep handling and shearing shed systems. We prefab all the components in our manufacturing facility and transport it to the site where it quickly bolts together, keeping onsite welding to a minimum.

When working in a shed fitted out by Stockpro, you can relax knowing that the shearers are working in a modern/up-to-date, ergonomically-designed, safe and efficient shearing area. 

We can arrange a free onsite visit to discuss your requirements, give us a call or click on the link at the bottom of the page to register your interest.

At Stockpro, we look at all options, from building a new purpose built wool shed, to converting an existing space into a shearing shed as a cost-effective alternative to building from scratch. Our Australian designed shearing shed fitouts offer long-lasting and robust solutions to help increase your wool harvesting productivity year-round. Designed specifically for your site's requirements. Whether you need a permanent structure of a temporary one, our design specialists can custom design and construct a complete fitout according to your specifications.

Some features of our shearing shed fitouts include:

• Optimum pen design – holding pens and sheeted fences that strategically promote sheep flow

• Lighting and ventilation – correctly positioned doors, shutters and removable panels that maximise ventilation for drying and cooling stock. We also make sure to optimise natural light without creating heat within the space.

• Side swing gates – our versatile gates provide flexibility when penning up and moving livestock through the shed

• Various wool room floor options

• Designing around existing work heights, site levels and sheep yards

• Column placements that suit your layout

If you have a shed in need of refitting, call us today on +1800-354-415 to discuss your requirements. You can also send an email to sales@stockpro.com.au.

"My old shearing shed needed attention, I contacted Stockpro and sent them measurements of the pens, they made it so easy, everything arrived on time before shearing and all fitted in exactly together in the space, in fact, I was so impressed I later bought a 3200 head sheep yard from Stockpro."
Glen Warren NSW